Hey Guys!
While I always have fun with ECA stuff, there's nothing better than getting back to home cookin' lol..

Nobody can make me climax harder than my soul mate, and FUCK did I cum hard this week.. Lots of dirty stuff to fantasize about that I had done for him earlier in the week (sucking off two of his hung friends for Steak&BJ Day). I know how horny he gets watching me act like his private pornstar. OMG I love that man..

Of course, this week though it was that damned Kate that got to got into the action… Doesn't she know that I keep my man TOTALLY satisfied?! You guys should know that I get him off at least once daily, and sometimes two or three times in a day. EVERY. DAY. She could never match that (could she?).. He'll never find out!! 😉

(Kudos for Hub's photography this week, some of it absolutely blew me away)

happy wheels 2 demo

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