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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – The Call Girl

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Hi Everyone! Hub and I started watching a series on Netflix called "Easy" last year and noticed season two just came out. One of the new episodes had a Call Girl as one of the main characters and it was REALLY hot. G...

WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Wifey Gets Blasted!

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Hey Guys! Hope everyone is doing great! Thought I'd throw up something special again.. Hub and I are still settling in to the new office and digs and I wanted to put up something showing Masterblaster so he could red...

WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Black Friday 2017

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Wifeys Audition!

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Wifeys Batgirl

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Kates Lil Barter

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – The Semen Extraction

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – September Quicky

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Secret Admirer

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Double Bubbles

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – August Meltdown!

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Nurse Cindy

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – The Leopard Lady!

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Wifey’s Doubleshot

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Kates Kitchen

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Post ECA Fun!

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Party Ball!

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Wifey Takes On the White Whopper! (200…

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Spring Bliss

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Oober XXX

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Dishwashers Delite!

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WifeysWorld – Madison – Madisons Audition

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Teachers Naughty Pet

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Kates Titty Pop

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Dr Wifeys Back

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – The Hike BJ

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ScreenshotINFOFile: thehikebj.mp4Size: 359871530 bytes (343.20 MiB), duration: 00:15:28, avg.bitrate: 3102 kb/sAudio: aac, 44100 Hz, stereo (eng)Video: h264, yuv420p, 854x480, 30.00 fps(r) (und)Streaming Mirrorhttps:/...

WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Kate’s Idle Hands

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Wifey’s BBC Valentine

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – LivingRoom Boff!

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WifeysWorld – Sissy’s 1st Show

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Game Room Fun

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Window Washer Surprise

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – New Year’s Interview

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Wifey Cure

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Kate’s Sneaky Xmas

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Sissy’s Xmas Return!

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – The Renegotiator

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Service 4 The Service

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Wifey’s Swallow Challange

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Info:Source Format: QuickTime / MOV, Duration: 00:10:43, bitrate: 4133 kbitVideo: H.264 / AVC / MPEG-4 AVC / MPEG-4 part 10, yuv420p, 960x540, 29.97 fps, 8 bit videoAudio: AAC (Advanced Audio Coding), 48000 bit, ...

WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Squeal Team 6

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WifeysWorld – Sandra Otterson – Kate’s Post Party

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WifeysWorld – Hippychick

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WifeysWorld – Kinky Kate – Sissys Jizz Biz

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WifeysWorld - Kinky Kate - Sissys Jizz Biz